Hi list.

I'm porting a Linux application [reaver], and have a tough time figuring
out what is wrong.

The way how Linux users use it doesn't work I mean building packet like
radiotap_header+frame+payload and use pcap_inject() for injections. 

Nevertheless, using the same packets with sockets work like a charm.
Since I didn't find any working example with packet injections
conjugates with pcap_inject for FreeBSD, I starting think it doesn't
work on FreeBSD platform.

Right now, I started using LD_PRELOAD with my own version of libpcap,
because after end of day it uses write(), but why it is ruins my packets
is not obvious for me yet.

May be somebody could explain me? May be it's well known not fixable
bug, and I'm just wasting my time.

I really want to do this using libpcap! Using sockets is quicker
approach for me, but you know, fixing libpcap will bring a lot of others
apps to FreeBSD realm.

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