--- Comment #4 from Adrian Chadd <> ---
ok, this is a different bug. It seems like you hit an interesting corner case:

* the vap was scanning;
* you hit a firmware crash;
* the min dwell time was met - so the interface should've moved onto the next
* .. but since the firmware crashed, ieee80211_scan_next() would never be
called as it didn't know it was supposed to be scanning.

So you would've just kept receiving that beacon over and over again; but if_iwn
would've never called ieee80211_scan_next().

It's odd that the net80211 stack with all of the work I did over the weekend
still got stuck without finishing a scan. It should've moved onto the next
channel. Odd.

So, there's two issues:

* iee80211_scan_next() shouldn't be a requirement to move to the next channel -
the whole scan framework should just sleep for a while, fire off a timer and
then move channels;
* then the iwn driver restarted OK but it didn't restart the firmware scan or
tell net80211 that it was over so it could move to the next channel.

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