from Fernando:

> Adrian: I don't know, where can I search that?

> Felix: I'm not sure, I will do it, How to use NDIS? (I know the  chapter in  
> the handbook just  don't know how to use it)On Sep 4, 2015 9:28 PM, Adrian 
> Chadd <> wrote:

>From Wikipedia, I see many of the newer wireless chips don't work with NDIS.

I was unable to get Hiro H50191 to work with NDIS, though it worked with rsu in 

Also, from my observation, many of the newer wireless chips don't come with 
.inf and .sys files that would be used by ndisgen or ndiscvt.

I wonder how difficult it is to develop a wireless driver if there is already a 
driver for Linux or NetBSD.  

I figure NetBSD is more closely related to FreeBSD than Linux to FreeBSD, but 
Linux drivers would be more abundant.


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