> We don't have the AR9271/AR7010 USB glue in our driver. Someone has to
> port the glue to our atheros driver. I'll help get the HAL AR9271 bits
> in place if this is done!

> I don't know why the openbsd rsu driver works fine but ours doesn't -
> there's not much difference. Maybe we're doing something different in
> usb/net80211 land? Or maybe something locking/concurrency related? I'm
> not sure yet.

> I still do get the "firmware doesn't successfully join" problem at
> home, even after today's fixes. I at least have a way to reproduce the
> problem but I'm not sure what is going on. It'd be really helpful if
> someone with openbsd can get some debugging information and join
> #freebsd-wifi on efnet.

> Thanks!

> -adrian

With Hiro H50191 (rsu) on FreeBSD, I don't get the firmware-not-loading problem 
but did in OpenBSD.

All I have for OpenBSD is the latest (5.4) USB-stick image from 
liveusb-openbsd.sourceforge.net , and updated bsd.rd for OpenBSD 5.5, 5,6 and 

Neither AR9271 (athn) nor rsu ever loaded the firmware.

On NetBSD-current, sometimes athn works at least for some time before silently 
quitting, but most of the time I get

athn0: could not load firmware (35)

Fortunately Realtek 8111E Ethernet works with re, now FreeBSD as well as 
NetBSD, but not OpenBSD (maybe the upcoming OpenBSD 5.8 due for Oct 18, 2015?).

A problem with OpenBSD is not supporting gpt.  I noticed gpt commented out in 
GENERIC config (cvsweb interface), but now I see, on www.openbsd.org/plus58.html

Disable GPT support. It appears to create broken spoofed labels for empty 
disks. (end of quote) 

That makes it very difficult to do anything with OpenBSD, unless I do 
everything on USB sticks (limited writes?).

Try to cross-compile Bitrig (forked from OpenBSD) from NetBSD-current amd64?  I 
actually git-cloned and updated (git pull) the source, xenocara and ports trees 
to at least have a look.


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