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(In reply to Kevin Lo from comment #5)

Sorry for the late response, I meant to get back to this during the weekend.

I am reading FreeBSD Device Drivers, TDAIOTFOS,,,
and have an Thinkpad x230 with this card. 

I'm looking at if_urtwn.c. What other places do you think would be helpful to
look at? I'm wondering if_urtwn.c may not be such a good example since it has
USB everywhere.

It may be too tall of an order to port something like this over by myself.

> the harder part would be maintaining rtwn(4) stability and performance.

What would that entail?

Is it looking at coredumps if the kernel panics, running it on a machine until
certain conditions popup, finding where in the code it's happening, trying to
tweak it, recompiling, kldunload, kldload? Looking over tickets for behavior
for the driver and trying to ask for more info to recreate it?

Do we have an irc channel for freebsd-wireless?

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