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tried the module and the card was detected fine and it's working.

So far I get three issues with it:
- WPA2 authentication seems to work only the first time to me. If I stop
wpa_supplicant or put down the wifi card via ifconfig, the further
authenticaitona fails for expired timeout.
-Speed seems limited to 16Mbps rate (around 120 kbps on downstream),even though
the ifconfig summary show 802.11g/56mbps.
- After heavy usage, it stops working and dmesg shows a "rtwn0: can't map to
rbuf (error: 12)" (12 = ENOMEM) and after some mins of this error, the kernel
panics. I can't restore the wifi status via ifconfig and I have to reboot the

Which kind of info do you need for troubleshooting?


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