I have just upgraded the wifi mini-PCIe adapters in some older model
Toshiba laptops, specifically L305D and L675D models, to AR9280
adapters.  This in order to be able to use the 5 GHz band.

On the L305D, everything is working well.

But on the L675D, the AR9280 radio remains off.  Switching the wifi
adapter to an Intel 6200 actually reports:
        iwn0: radio is disabled by hardware switch
They both probe and initialize normally in the dmesg and you can
talk to them normally using ifconfig.  It is just the radio that
remains off.

Thing is, the L675D does not have a hardware rfkill switch.  It does
have Fn+F8, however.

I should note that two other wifi adapters, the original RTL8191SE
and also an AR9285 do both work fine in the L675D.  They do not seem
to see a phantom rfkill switch!  But, neither of these adapters
support the 5 GHz band.

Despite the RTL8191SE and AR9285 working, I figured that it would be
useful to have Fn+F8 working so that I could check and toggle the
radio state of the AT9280.  I therefore set about updating
acpi_toshiba.c to support the TOS1900 HID [1].

I am still no closer, though.  I was not able to enable the hotkey
Fn+Fx support, so I've implemented a hw.acpi.toshiba.wireless_wifi
sysctl which shows that the wifi is enabled and allows it to be
toggled.  Testing with one of the working adapters (AR9285) does show
the wifi LED going on and off and the interface does pass or not-pass
traffic accordingly.  But, with the AR9280, the LED and the radio
remain steadfastly off.

I have studied the acpidump[2] and found that the relevant ACPI method
(TOI0==0xFF00 TOI1==0x56) supports four devices:
        0x0200  wifi
        0x0800  unknown
        0x2000  wwan (3G device, according to google)
        0xFFFF  unknown

I have played with all of them, but still cannot get the AR9280 radio
or the wifi LED on.

I have not found any documentation, other than the Linux driver
toshiba_acpi.c which provides no further help.

Anyone have any thoughts about what is needed to enable the AR9280 (or
Intel 6200) in the Toshiba L675D?


[1] http://opal.com/jr/toshiba_l675d/acpi_toshiba.c
[2] http://opal.com/jr/toshiba_l675d/toshiba_l675d.asl
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