On Sun, 31 Jan 2016 09:58:05 +0100 Lars Engels <lars.eng...@0x20.net> wrote:
> You could try to "patch" PIN 20 on the card as described here:
> http://www.allthingstechie.net/2014/10/bypass-laptop-wireless-hardware-radio.html
> Then the H/W switch is always turned on.

News of this pin-20 patch of which you speak had not yet reached
these lands.  This new learning amazes me.

Being the pioneering type and always keen to be on the bleeding
edge (!), I went ahead and tried it.  It does, indeed, work!

Thank you, Lars, for bringing enlightenment.

And thanks, Adrian for your comments on the GPIO routing.

Now, given that the L305D works with both the AR9285 and AR9280
NICs and toggling the ACPI wireless 0x200 line works too, and given
that on the L675D the AR9285 also works as does the ACPI wireless
0x200 line, I guess we can conclude:
        - the ACPI wireless 0x200 line is routed to something
          other than pin 20
        - the L305D does not assert pin 20, the L675D does
        - the AR9285 that I have (an AzureWave) ignores pin 20

I am thinking out loud here... I was hoping to be able to complete
the acpi_toshiba.c enhancements by making this work, but I have already
tested all four ACPI wireless lines on the L675D and none seem to
do what we need.

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