I am trying to diagnose an issue with an Atheros 9462 card.  The card is being 
detected, and seemingly works (reports no errors with wpa_supplicant and 
friends), however, the radios seem completely nonfunctional, as the card 
doesn't actually transmit or receive anything (I checked by turning on packet 
logging and running scans/wpa_supplicant).

There are errors reported in pciconf (it claims they are correctable errors): 
receiver error, bad tlp, bad dllp.  The Bluetooth subsystem also suffered 
timeouts (very likely related).

I have confirmed this is not a hardware problem by booting into Linux with a 
live memstick and running a scan.

I'm looking for advise on likely root causes and how to go about diagnosing the 
problem (I've never diagnosed a problem on a *supported* card in FreeBSD 
before, so I'm relatively unfamiliar with the process).

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