On 2016-09-21 20:36, Adrian Chadd wrote:
larry and I did some private debugging.

The long and short of it is that his setup doesn't receive frames on
antenna A, only on antenna B. Antenna A has like 50dB or more less

iwm0: energy In A -114 B -51 C -256 , and max -51

So my guess is it's either not connected internally, or (like mine?)
it's hooked up through a bluetooth switch that we're just plainly not
setup right. On mine, A is active and B looks like the above (-114).

Imre/etc, let's look at what iwlwifi/mvm does for default TX antenna
config and default bluetooth config. I think it's wrong.

I think our hard-coded antenna (1) is wrong, and I think the antenna
alternating in the rate table is also wrong.

for the record, I've double checked the connections for the antennas on the card, and they are connected
best I can tell.

If someone(tm) is here in the US, and wants me to send this laptop to them for more debugging, I'm willing, as
long as I get it back when we're done.

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