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> seems all BCM WIFI PHY & MAC sourcecode of ABG/N/LP/NT/SSN
> hope your can build it or take part for independ module 
> https://github.com/elenril/VMG1312-B/tree/master/bcmdrivers/broadcom/net/wl/impl10/wl/sys
> PHY 
> https://github.com/elenril/VMG1312-B/tree/master/bcmdrivers/broadcom/net/wl/impl10/wl/phy

There’s a difference between finding the code, and having a licence to use it… 
If I’m not mistaken Adrian already has access to the proprietary Broadcom 
driver through his work, it’s more of a licensing issue.

Still a nice find though, with this and the Cypress datasheets some things may 
become a bit easier.

Felix Friedlander <felixph...@gmail.com>

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