Sounds reasonable, thanks!

if you make the change and give the revision number, I will give it a go to see 
if the code compiles (can do it in a VM, which wont have wlan interface but I'd 
assume it is OK if the world can be built without any issues)

the ddb(4) support included in net80211 (implemented in ieee80211_ddb.c) also 
relies on data structures found in ieee80211_var.h, including 
IEEE80211_C_BITS(since this file includes lots of driver cap bits).

I am not quite sure why I got so many compiler errors (in fact clang gave up 
listing them after having a few dozen errors) by just #includ'ing 

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Ok. How about I move that into _ieee80211.h with the rest of this
thing, and then remove the duplication from ifieee80211.c ?

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