Thanks Adrian!

Checked out revision 308871 and compiled the system from source. Had no issues 
during the built process.

Also, verified the changes in the source tree

Script started on Sun Nov 20 20:59:17 2016
root@test:~ # grep IEEE80211_C_BITS /usr/src/sbin/ifconfig/*
/usr/src/sbin/ifconfig/ifieee80211.c:   printb("drivercaps", dc->dc_drivercaps, 
root@test:~ # grep IEEE80211_C_BITS /usr/src/sys/net80211/*
/usr/src/sys/net80211/_ieee80211.h:#define      IEEE80211_C_BITS \
/usr/src/sys/net80211/ieee80211_ddb.c:  db_printf("\tcaps=%b\n", vap->iv_caps, 
/usr/src/sys/net80211/ieee80211_ddb.c:  db_printf("\tcaps=%b\n", ic->ic_caps, 
root@test:~ # exit

I used a VM (my only laptop has -RELEASE on it :{ , tried some bhyve trick like 
iwn passthru but did not succeed), hence could not specifically test "ifconfig 
wlan0 list caps" but since compilation went smooth, I would assume it should be 
OK. After all, changes do not constitute any new features or functions.

Anything on the time frame till we could see this change on -RELEASE branch?


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Fixed in the latest -head. Two commits - one for net80211, one for ifconfig!

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