Bug ID: 217300
           Summary: iwm0 Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8260 only uses 1x1
           Product: Base System
           Version: CURRENT
          Hardware: amd64
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: ---
         Component: wireless

This limits the speed to 54/54 Mbit/s.
   FreeBSD kernel ver:.12.0-CURRENT
   FreeBSD world ver:..12.0-CURRENT
   FreeBSD git branch:.drm-next
   FreeBSD git rev:....27d3221
   TrueOS ver:.........TrueOS-Desktop-201702011813
   Kernel ident:.......GENERIC
   Bootloader type:....EFI
   CPU:................Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz
   CPU cores:..........4
   Memory (free/avail):14028 / 16384 Mb
   Package set:........STABLE
   Desktop environment:Lumina
   OSS Driver:.........pcm0: <Realtek ALC269 (Analog 2.0+HP/2.0)> (play/rec)
   WIFI Driver:........iwm0

re0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
        ether 80:fa:5b:3b:70:e7
        inet6 fe80::82fa:5bff:fe3b:70e7%re0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1 
        media: Ethernet autoselect (none)
        status: no carrier
lo0: flags=8049<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 16384
        inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128 
        inet6 fe80::1%lo0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x2 
        inet netmask 0xff000000 
        nd6 options=21<PERFORMNUD,AUTO_LINKLOCAL>
        groups: lo 
wlan0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
        ether f0:d5:bf:0d:ea:8a
        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast 
        media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet OFDM/54Mbps mode 11a
        status: associated
        ssid GraHa channel 40 (5200 MHz 11a) bssid c8:0e:14:2a:5c:a9
        regdomain ETSI country DE authmode WPA2/802.11i privacy ON
        deftxkey UNDEF AES-CCM 2:128-bit AES-CCM 3:128-bit txpower 17 bmiss 10
        mcastrate 6 mgmtrate 6 scanvalid 60 wme roaming MANUAL
        groups: wlan

Copyright (c) 1992-2017 The FreeBSD Project.
Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation.
FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #23 27d3221(drm-next): Sun Feb 5 13:22:47 UTC 2017
root@gauntlet:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC amd64
clang version 3.9.0 (tags/RELEASE_390/final)
VT(efifb): resolution 800x600
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz (2304.08-MHz K8-class CPU)
Origin="GenuineIntel" Id=0x506e3 Family=0x6 Model=0x5e Stepping=3
AMD Features=0x2c100800<SYSCALL,NX,Page1GB,RDTSCP,LM>
AMD Features2=0x121<LAHF,ABM,Prefetch>
Structured Extended
TSC: P-state invariant, performance statistics
real memory = 17179869184 (16384 MB)
avail memory = 16434765824 (15673 MB)
Event timer "LAPIC" quality 600
FreeBSD/SMP: Multiprocessor System Detected: 4 CPUs
FreeBSD/SMP: 1 package(s) x 4 core(s)
random: unblocking device.
WARNING: VIMAGE (virtualized network stack) is a highly experimental feature.
ioapic0 <Version 2.0> irqs 0-119 on motherboard
SMP: AP CPU #3 Launched!
SMP: AP CPU #2 Launched!
SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
Timecounter "TSC-low" frequency 1152041432 Hz quality 1000
random: entropy device external interface
netmap: loaded module
module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (vesa, 0xffffffff80feca90, 0) error 19
random: registering fast source Intel Secure Key RNG
random: fast provider: "Intel Secure Key RNG"
kbd1 at kbdmux0
cryptosoft0: on motherboard
aesni0: <AES-CBC,AES-XTS,AES-GCM,AES-ICM> on motherboard
acpi0: on motherboard
acpi0: Power Button (fixed)
cpu0: on acpi0
cpu1: on acpi0
cpu2: on acpi0
cpu3: on acpi0
hpet0: iomem 0xfed00000-0xfed003ff on acpi0
Timecounter "HPET" frequency 24000000 Hz quality 950
Event timer "HPET" frequency 24000000 Hz quality 550
Event timer "HPET1" frequency 24000000 Hz quality 440
Event timer "HPET2" frequency 24000000 Hz quality 440
Event timer "HPET3" frequency 24000000 Hz quality 440
Event timer "HPET4" frequency 24000000 Hz quality 440
atrtc0: port 0x70-0x77 irq 8 on acpi0
atrtc0: Warning: Couldn't map I/O.
Event timer "RTC" frequency 32768 Hz quality 0
attimer0: port 0x40-0x43,0x50-0x53 irq 0 on acpi0
Timecounter "i8254" frequency 1193182 Hz quality 0
Event timer "i8254" frequency 1193182 Hz quality 100
Timecounter "ACPI-fast" frequency 3579545 Hz quality 900
acpi_timer0: <24-bit timer at 3.579545MHz> port 0x1808-0x180b on acpi0
acpi_ec0: <Embedded Controller: GPE 0x3> port 0x62,0x66 on acpi0
pcib0: port 0xcf8-0xcff on acpi0
pcib0: _OSC returned error 0x4
pci0: on pcib0
vgapci0: port 0xf000-0xf03f mem 0xde000000-0xdeffffff,0xc0000000-0xcfffffff at
device 2.0 on pci0
vgapci0: Boot video device
xhci0: <Intel Sunrise Point USB 3.0 controller> mem 0xdf510000-0xdf51ffff at
device 20.0 on pci0
xhci0: 32 bytes context size, 64-bit DMA
usbus0: waiting for BIOS to give up control
xhci_interrupt: host controller halted
usbus0 on xhci0
usbus0: 5.0Gbps Super Speed USB v3.0
pci0: at device 22.0 (no driver attached)
ahci0: port 0xf090-0xf097,0xf080-0xf083,0xf060-0xf07f mem
0xdf528000-0xdf529fff,0xdf52c000-0xdf52c0ff,0xdf52b000-0xdf52b7ff at device
23.0 on pci0
ahci0: AHCI v1.31 with 2 6Gbps ports, Port Multiplier not supported
ahcich2: at channel 2 on ahci0
ahcich3: at channel 3 on ahci0
ahciem0: on ahci0
pcib1: at device 28.0 on pci0
pci1: on pcib1
xhci1: <XHCI (generic) USB 3.0 controller> mem 0xdf400000-0xdf407fff at device
0.0 on pci1
xhci1: 32 bytes context size, 64-bit DMA
xhci1: Unable to map MSI-X table
usbus1 on xhci1
usbus1: 5.0Gbps Super Speed USB v3.0
pcib2: at device 28.4 on pci0
pci2: on pcib2
pci2: at device 0.0 (no driver attached)
re0: <RealTek 8168/8111 B/C/CP/D/DP/E/F/G PCIe Gigabit Ethernet> port
0xe000-0xe0ff mem 0xdf314000-0xdf314fff,0xdf310000-0xdf313fff at device 0.1 on
re0: Using 1 MSI-X message
re0: turning off MSI enable bit.
re0: ASPM disabled
re0: Chip rev. 0x5c800000
re0: MAC rev. 0x00000000
miibus0: on re0
rgephy0: <RTL8251/8153 1000BASE-T media interface> PHY 1 on miibus0
rgephy0: none, 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 10baseT-FDX-flow, 100baseTX,
100baseTX-FDX, 100baseTX-FDX-flow, 1000baseT-FDX, 1000baseT-FDX-master,
1000baseT-FDX-flow, 1000baseT-FDX-flow-master, auto, auto-flow
re0: Using defaults for TSO: 65518/35/2048
re0: Ethernet address: 80:fa:5b:3b:70:e7
re0: netmap queues/slots: TX 1/256, RX 1/256
pcib3: at device 28.6 on pci0
pci3: on pcib3
pci3: at device 0.0 (no driver attached)
pcib4: at device 28.7 on pci0
pci4: on pcib4
pci4: at device 0.0 (no driver attached)
pcib5: at device 29.0 on pci0
pci5: on pcib5
nvme0: mem 0xdf000000-0xdf003fff at device 0.0 on pci5
isab0: at device 31.0 on pci0
isa0: on isab0
pci0: at device 31.2 (no driver attached)
hdac0: mem 0xdf520000-0xdf523fff,0xdf500000-0xdf50ffff at device 31.3 on pci0
acpi_button0: on acpi0
acpi_button1: on acpi0
acpi_lid0: on acpi0
acpi_acad0: on acpi0
battery0: on acpi0
acpi_tz0: on acpi0
atkbdc0: <Keyboard controller (i8042)> port 0x60,0x64 irq 1 on acpi0
atkbd0: irq 1 on atkbdc0
kbd0 at atkbd0
atkbd0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
psm0: <PS/2 Mouse> irq 12 on atkbdc0
psm0: model Synaptics Touchpad, device ID 0
ppc0: cannot reserve I/O port range
est0: on cpu0
est1: on cpu1
est2: on cpu2
est3: on cpu3
ZFS filesystem version: 5
ZFS storage pool version: features support (5000)
Timecounters tick every 1.000 msec
ugen1.1: <0x1b21 XHCI root HUB> at usbus1
ugen0.1: <0x8086 XHCI root HUB> at usbus0
uhub0: <0x1b21 XHCI root HUB, class 9/0, rev 3.00/1.00, addr 1> on usbus1
uhub1: <0x8086 XHCI root HUB, class 9/0, rev 3.00/1.00, addr 1> on usbus0
nvd0: NVMe namespace
nvd0: 244198MB (500118192 512 byte sectors)
hdacc0: at cad 0 on hdac0
hdaa0: at nid 1 on hdacc0
pcm0: <Realtek ALC269 (Analog 2.0+HP/2.0)> at nid 20,21 and 24 on hdaa0
pcm1: <Realtek ALC269 (Internal Analog Mic)> at nid 18 on hdaa0
hdacc1: at cad 2 on hdac0
hdaa1: at nid 1 on hdacc1
pcm2: <Intel Skylake (HDMI/DP 8ch)> at nid 6 on hdaa1
ses0 at ahciem0 bus 0 scbus2 target 0 lun 0
ses0: <AHCI SGPIO Enclosure 1.00 0001> SEMB S-E-S 2.00 device
ses0: SEMB SES Device
cd0 at ahcich3 bus 0 scbus1 target 0 lun 0
ada0 at ahcich2 bus 0 scbus0 target 0 lun 0
cd0: ada0: ATA8-ACS SATA 3.x device
ada0: Serial Number JR1004D31S22EM
Removable CD-ROM SCSI device
cd0: Serial Number 435640505714
ada0: 600.000MB/s transfers (SATA 3.x, UDMA6, PIO 8192bytes)
ada0: Command Queueing enabled
ada0: 953869MB (1953525168 512 byte sectors)
cd0: 150.000MB/s transfers (SATA 1.x, UDMA6, ATAPI 12bytes, PIO 8192bytes)
cd0: Attempt to query device size failed: NOT READY, Medium not present - tray
Trying to mount root from zfs:zroot/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-up-20170207_215533 []...
Root mount waiting for: usbus1 usbus0
uhub0: 4 ports with 4 removable, self powered
uhub1: 24 ports with 24 removable, self powered
Root mount waiting for: usbus0
ugen0.2: <SunplusIT Inc Chicony USB 2.0 Camera> at usbus0
Root mount waiting for: usbus0
ugen0.3: <vendor 0x8087 product 0x0a2b> at usbus0
ugen0.4: at usbus0
ukbd0 on uhub1
ukbd0: <Logitech USB Receiver, class 0/0, rev 2.00/29.00, addr 3> on usbus0
kbd2 at ukbd0
interface iwn.1 already present in the KLD 'kernel'!
linker_load_file: Unsupported file type
iwm0: <Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8260> mem 0xdf200000-0xdf201fff at device
0.0 on pci3
iwm0: hw rev 0x200, fw ver 16.242414.0, address f0:d5:bf:0d:ea:8a
Cuse v0.1.34 @ /dev/cuse
acpi_video0: on vgapci0
fuse-freebsd: version 0.4.4, FUSE ABI 7.8
ums0 on uhub1
ums0: <Logitech USB Receiver, class 0/0, rev 2.00/29.00, addr 3> on usbus0
ums0: 18 buttons and [XYZT] coordinates ID=2
[drm] Initialized
drmn0: on vgapci0
vgapci0: child drmn0 requested pci_enable_io
vgapci0: child drmn0 requested pci_enable_io
[drm] Memory usable by graphics device = 4096M
Failed to add WC MTRR for [0xc0000000-0xcfffffff]: -22; performance may suffer
[drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013).
[drm] Driver supports precise vblank timestamp query.
[drm] Connector eDP-1: get mode from tunables:
[drm] - kern.vt.fb.modes.eDP-1
[drm] - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
[drm] Connector DP-1: get mode from tunables:
[drm] - kern.vt.fb.modes.DP-1
[drm] - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
[drm] Connector HDMI-A-1: get mode from tunables:
[drm] - kern.vt.fb.modes.HDMI-A-1
[drm] - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
[drm] GuC firmware load skipped
[drm:i915_setup_sysfs] RC6 residency sysfs setup failed
[drm] Initialized i915 1.6.0 20160919 for drmn on minor 0
VT: Replacing driver "efifb" with new "fb".
start FB_INFO:
type=11 height=1080 width=1920 depth=32
cmsize=16 size=9216000
pbase=0xc0240000 vbase=0xfffff800c0240000
name=drmn0 flags=0x0 stride=7680 bpp=32
cmap[0]=0 cmap[1]=7f0000 cmap[2]=7f00 cmap[3]=c4a000
drmn0: fb0: inteldrmfb frame buffer device
drmn0: failed to load firmware image i915_skl_dmc_ver1_26_bin
drmn0: Failed to load DMC firmware
[], disabling
runtime power management.
ipfw2 (+ipv6) initialized, divert loadable, nat loadable, default to accept,
logging disabled
wlan0: Ethernet address: f0:d5:bf:0d:ea:8a
re0: link state changed to DOWN
[drm] RC6 on
iwm0: iwm_update_edca: called
iwm0: iwm_update_edca: called
wlan0: link state changed to UP
ubt0 on uhub1
ubt0: <vendor 0x8087 product 0x0a2b, class 224/1, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 2> on
WARNING pid 3253 (python2.7): ioctl sign-extension ioctl ffffffff80087467
WARNING pid 3512 (python2.7): ioctl sign-extension ioctl ffffffff80087467
pid 1952 (PCDM-session), uid 0: exited on signal 6
WARNING pid 62497 (python2.7): ioctl sign-extension ioctl ffffffff80087467

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