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As discussed, I am working on the rtwn rtl8188ee driver. Per Adrian's advice, I am focusing on having the card reading beacon frames. I am running the following tcpdump line, which works on another machine with an rtwn card.

# tcpdump -y IEEE802_11_RADIO -i wlan0 -e -s 256 type mgt

Unfortunately, my card still does not receive beacon frames. Per IRC conversations, this information is delivered to the driver via an interrupt.

I retracted my sc_init_intr code and found that the interrupt register was incorrectly set, so I updated them per the Linux driver and started having sc_classify_intr trigger very slowly (1-2 a minute), rather than with every beacon frame from a nearby Access Point. The 'status' was set to 0xffffffff, so it immediately exited.

What might this mean?

I am stuck and not certain why I am not receiving more beacon frames. I have retraced the code, but am not finding what I might have left out. Any ideas? I can show code if requested. Been on this driver for a little more than a year now and would like to start making progress. :/

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