On 1/8/2010 1:23 AM, James Smith wrote:


> We want to use XenServer (iscsi SAN storage) by Citrix and FreeBSD.
> We've got a testing setup in place, so we can play around with the
> features.  FreeBSD runs and installs quite well within this environment,
> along with Linux distros, Windows etc.  There is something called
> XenTools (commercial software from Citrix), amongst other things its
> main job is to facilitate VM migration between nodes when using XenServer
> (it is awesome, no ping drops, at worst higher latency for two pings
> and then it's done).  This runs on Linux ... but there is no FreeBSD
> version.

Is this part of the XenServer-Essentials package?  Can you point to a
URL that describes XenTools in more detail?

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