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On 1/8/2010 1:23 AM, James Smith wrote:


We want to use XenServer (iscsi SAN storage) by Citrix and FreeBSD.
We've got a testing setup in place, so we can play around with the
features.  FreeBSD runs and installs quite well within this environment,
along with Linux distros, Windows etc.  There is something called
XenTools (commercial software from Citrix), amongst other things its
main job is to facilitate VM migration between nodes when using XenServer
(it is awesome, no ping drops, at worst higher latency for two pings
and then it's done).  This runs on Linux ... but there is no FreeBSD

Is this part of the XenServer-Essentials package?  Can you point to a
URL that describes XenTools in more detail?

It is available on the installation CD, as a mountable ISO once the VM is installed. (Downloads for Citrix Xen are here: http://www.citrix.com/lang/English/lp/lp_1688615.asp )

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