On 01/12/11 05:01, Sergey G Nasonov wrote:
> I am sorry for intrusion. I have the same problem (pmap_init) running FreeBSD 
> 8.2 r217259 i386 PV mode on Citrix XenServer 5.6. The server is IBM x3650 
> with intel Xeon 5405 
> panic: pmap_init: page table page is out of range
> FreeBSD VM has 1GB memory. And this problem does not appear when I reduce 
> amount of RAM to 512 MB. 

Yeah, this is a completely separate bug from the one I'm trying to fix right
now -- good to know that it's easily reproduced, though, and very interesting
to hear that it depends on the amount of RAM you have.  Do you get the same
panic with -CURRENT?  (I'm guessing you will given that the xen code is very
close to identical between 9.0 and 8.2, but always best to check...)

Colin Percival
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