Is anyone here actively working on fixing problems with SMP support under PV i386? While doing some other maintenance on the vm_page_alloc() callers in the source tree, I happened to take a look at cpu_initialize_context() in mp_machdep.c. This function is involved in bringing up the 2nd, 3rd, etc. CPUs on an SMP system. I spotted a couple obvious errors. First, the size parameter given to kmem_*() functions is expected to be in terms of bytes and not pages. Second, I believe that PV i386 requires PAE to be used. If so, there are out of range accesses to the array m[].

Index: i386/xen/mp_machdep.c
--- i386/xen/mp_machdep.c       (revision 228561)
+++ i386/xen/mp_machdep.c       (working copy)
@@ -810,7 +810,7 @@ cpu_initialize_context(unsigned int cpu)
        /* vcpu_guest_context_t is too large to allocate on the stack.
         * Hence we allocate statically and protect it with a lock */
-       vm_page_t m[4];
+       vm_page_t m[NPGPTD + 2];
        static vcpu_guest_context_t ctxt;
        vm_offset_t boot_stack;
        vm_offset_t newPTD;
@@ -831,8 +831,8 @@ cpu_initialize_context(unsigned int cpu)

-       boot_stack = kmem_alloc_nofault(kernel_map, 1);
-       newPTD = kmem_alloc_nofault(kernel_map, NPGPTD);
+       boot_stack = kmem_alloc_nofault(kernel_map, PAGE_SIZE);
+       newPTD = kmem_alloc_nofault(kernel_map, NPGPTD * PAGE_SIZE);
        ma[0] = VM_PAGE_TO_MACH(m[0])|PG_V;

 #ifdef PAE
@@ -854,7 +854,7 @@ cpu_initialize_context(unsigned int cpu)

        pmap_qremove(newPTD, 4);
-       kmem_free(kernel_map, newPTD, 4);
+       kmem_free(kernel_map, newPTD, 4 * PAGE_SIZE);
         * map actual idle stack to boot_stack

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