On 19.01.2012 13:15, Nick Sayer wrote:
I have a VPS at rootbsd.net, and have been running 8.2-RELEASE with a
XENHVM kernel with a patch to fix the 'do something smart' panic in
if_xn. I fetched the 9.0-RELEASE source tree and built a kernel to try
and it worked without any muss or fuss. I did the rest of the upgrade
and it's working just fine, so far as I can tell.

And there was much rejoicing._______________________________________________

Same here at ssdnodes.com - we pulled the new source tree, rebuilt with our modified XENHVM and haven't had any issues so far.

We had many tweaks in /etc/sysctl.conf to improve throughput for the 8.2-RELEASE, the 9.0-RELEASE systems still remained snappy after the tweaks were removed.

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