1)            One or two of our freebsd 9.1 HVM (with PVM drivers) under
Xenserver 6.1 advanced are fairly frequently generating this message on the
console: xn_txeof: WARNING: response is -1! Any ideas what this may be and
what should be done? It does seem to only occur on the machines that have
higher network load than the others.


2)            We did a pilot project of about 8 VM's (the above mentioned
environment) and all went well. Now that we've moved it into production with
many more VM's, I'm wondering about recommended tuning. I seem to recall
from watching this list that there are a few sysctl's and the like that are
highly recommended, I think they had to do with network settings and turning
off "offloading" or somesuch. Does anyone have a quick & dirty list of
"here's the first things you should always change" with regards to FreeBSD
HVM (pvm drivers) under XenServer?


3)            When migrating bare-metal non-VM FreeBSD machines (primarily
webservers and mailservers) to the above Xenserver environment, we have
always just created VM's from an ISO, installed apache, sendmail, etc. and
then migrated the websites, mailboxes, etc. manually "across the wire" from
the non-VM machines to the replacement VM's. Xenconvert does not seem to
support FreeBSD/gpart/ufs. Does anyone know of a way (software or procedure)
to take a bare-metal FreeBSD 9.1 install and turn it into a VDI or OVF/OVA
that can be imported to Xenserver? 


Thanks in advance for any tips, pointers, or insight!



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