El 30/08/14 a les 2.13, Marko Lerota ha escrit:
> Roger Pau Monné <roger....@citrix.com> writes:
>> El 29/08/14 a les 11.16, Marko Lerota ha escrit:
>>> I have installed FreeBSD 10 release, stable and current on 
>>> Xenserver 6.2 with latest patches. All of them have poor disk 
>>> write speed. Performance from 12MBps - 25MBps. I tried it on
>>> other servers but the performance is the same. Latest Debian
>>> stable on the same machine have 300MBps disk speed. Am I missing
>>> something after installation or this is the default speed?
>> I've certainly seen higher speeds, around 25-35MB/s on my box, which is
>> the same speed I can get with a Linux guest. Could you describe how you
>> are running your tests?
> You copy some *.tar.gz or *.iso file that have 600 MB. If it finish 
> in 2-3 seconds than it's fine. If it runs 40 seconds than it's very, 
> very bad. You can see current disk speed with 'iostat 1'. Today I have 
> installed FreeBSD 10-Release on KVM and it runs smooth. Files are
> copied at 150-300MB per second. That's how it should be. Suppose that 
> you need to copy or sync files with another disk/partition very often. 
> It would be very painful and long process. There is definitely something 
> wrong here. 

I've just did some _very_ simple disk benchmarks using fio on both Linux
and FreeBSD using a 1GB ramdisk as the backend:


This was added to the guests, both have 1GB of RAM and 8vcpus. Then I've
used the following fio workload:

rw=write # or read for the read tests
direct=1 # tested both 0 and 1


FreeBSD was able to deliver >30000iops in all cases, and the throughput
was around 1000MB/s for all test cases also. On the other hand, Linux
was only able to deliver around 10000iops, with a throughput of
~400MB/s. This was tested using xen-unstable and a Linux v3.15 Dom0.

Could you try to run this benchmark on both your FreeBSD and Linux
guests? Please make sure guests are set to use the same amount of RAM/CPUs.

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