Roger Pau Monné <> writes:

> FreeBSD was able to deliver >30000iops in all cases, and the throughput
> was around 1000MB/s for all test cases also. On the other hand, Linux
> was only able to deliver around 10000iops, with a throughput of
> ~400MB/s. This was tested using xen-unstable and a Linux v3.15 Dom0.
> Could you try to run this benchmark on both your FreeBSD and Linux
> guests? Please make sure guests are set to use the same amount of

Sorry for late reply. 

I have installed today new beta version of Xenserver from 2014-09-05
XenServer release 6.4.96-88161c (xenenterprise)

uname -a
3.10.0+2 #1 SMP Thu Sep 4 12:04:32 EDT 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

Didn't have time to learn fio program so I did simple test with
copy-paste. Again on Debian 7.6.0 stable files have been copied 
at 300MB/s speed while FreeBSD 10 release had 25MB/s. 

I just did: 

cp some-big-file file1-test

and I measured the time from start to finish. Both hosts have the 
same amount of RAM, DISK and CPUs. I also tested this on 3 different
servers. HP ML330, HP DL160 and old Sun X2200. The results are the

Marko Lerota
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