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I've been using the OSS Xen releases for years, and have never been able
to get PVM domU to be functional as a gateway - I've either had to use
HVM or setup a separate box as the router. This has been the case since
at least FBSD8 I think, or whenever XENHVM became an option.

As the original bug filer...

I've tried FBSD 9, 10 and 11 - I was hoping (under the "you never know" banner) that XS 6.5 with updated Xen etc. might make a difference - but sadly it doesn't, as people have pointed out - it's a likely issue with netfront/back code in FBSD.

This is a real pain for us - apart from the hours initially wasted figuring it out - and the 'accidents' when people forget, we either have a bunch of non-agile machines polluting our main pools, or a secondary "pool of shame" where all the FBSD boxes that do things like VPN, routing, DHCP, firewalling are running in HVM mode [and again, not agile]. Performance of HVM NIC's and disk isn't as good as PV either (as you'd expect).

I have the stuff to test this setup in house here - I just don't know where to start to look at it :( - but open to suggestions ;)


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