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(In reply to Sean Bruno from comment #4)

Following Sean's idea, I was playing with the PV network frontend options, and
got one FreeBSD 10.1 RELEASE to get its traffic routed by another FreeBSD 10.1
RELEASE, both within the same XenServer 6.5 host and both with xn1 over the
same host-VLAN.

router0# ifconfig xn1 -txcsum -tso4 -lro
vm0# ifconfig xn1 -txcsum -tso4 -lro

Without this config on both domUs, I can not do a:

# fetch
  (obs.: on success, result will be stored in fetch.out; 
         needs two control-C to stop)

But with the indicated configuration, I can exec the above command like a
charm. I could even SSH into the vm0 from the Internet.

Best regards,
Raimundo Santos

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