Xfce 4.10 was released yesterday [1], so I made tarball [2] with core.
I need testers before massive update.

Howto to upgrade

1. Delete all your panel plugins, then Thunar plugins, and finally
Xfce's applications and libraries
2. Update Mk/bsd.xfce.mk
3. Copy tarball in your ports tree
4. Compile [3] or with meta-package, x11-wm/xfce4

Before to update, ensure xfce4-utils is deleted.

- x11-themes/gtk-xfce-engine supports Gtk3, but the latest version
shipped with Xfce 4.10 needs gtk3 >= 3.2.0 (ports tree is 3.0.0). If
you need absolutely gtk3 themes (you can use MarcusCom repository, or
clone my repository  (branch 4.10pre2, revision cd6d597214e0).

- If your box supports suspend and hibernation, you must create a
.pkla file in /usr/local/etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/ and
add UPower actions (like consolekit for shutdown and reboot)

- x11-toolkits/libxfce4gui is optional (required by old panel plugins
and applications).

Now, I'm working on panel plugins.


[1] http://www.xfce.org/about/news/?post=1335571200
[2] http://xfce-ports.googlecode.com/files/xfce-4.10.tar.xz
[3] http://code.google.com/p/xfce-ports/wiki/Building

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