Hi there,

I've used your 'xfcemerge' script to update to and test xfce 4.10.
Here's my observations:

- On the ports update itself, the scripts doesn't clean up some patch
files. I had to manually
removes patch files from these ports:


- After the upgrade x11/Terminal needs to be rebuilt. That should be
part of the core packages.

I'm running the Xfce 4.10 desktop right now. Everything seems to be
working fine except
for a few panel plugin issues :

- The orage panel plugin crashes on startup. A rebuild of the package
fixes it.
- The power manager plugin works fine as long as you don't select
'always display icon'. In that
case if you remove the laptop battery you'll see a little red icon
instead of the adapter icon and
clicking on it will crash the plugin. (I know because I fixed it a year
ago in 1.0.10)
- All the icons are stacked to the left of the panel when you first
start the desktop. That can be
fixed by adding a separator at the correct location.

Thanks for your work!
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