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(In reply to Guido Falsi from comment #7)
See bug #240810 and bug #240811 for the proposed changes for the Settings
Autostart .desktop files.

I would suggest you add comment for the upstream change in names to #240810 and
bug #240811 and add references to #240810 and bug #240811 in the upstream bug you created.

Can you clarify for me my understanding that the xscreensaver.desktop file for
the XFCE autostart is in xfce4-session-4.14.0 and the xfce-screensaver.desktop
file for XFCE autostart is in the xfce4-screensaver-0.1.8?

Let me do some more testing.  I only had time before I went to bed this morning
after up all night working on these and couple other FreeBSD bugs to test
xscreensaver and afce4-screensaver on their own only after I made copies of the
original two respective .desktop files for XFCE autostart before I could do any
useful testing to know which of two screensaver applications was enabled.

As you suspected if only xscreensaver or xfce4-screensaver is enabled all
worked fine.  I have not had time yet to try with both enabled again.  As you
know it requires rebooting and i have had much to do in updating these bugs,
doing various eMails, and trying to get some sleep after being up all night wit
various FreeBSD update issues that included causing CPU thermal shutdowns.

I will update the bug once I have had right time to test both screensavers
enabled again to see if that causes the original issue or not.  I may have to
do an additional test to with the original .desktop files and the restore the
fixes I made and having only one screensaver application enabled n XFCE4
Settings Autostart.

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