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In bug #240804 re:
<> "Please don't
rush things.

"Please let's keep the conversation in one place only. This is one bug. with
two strictly related problems."

First the three bugs (bug #240804, bug #240810, and this bug #240811) is not
because of some feeling of rush needed.  That is implied in the bug
classification of scope of users affected.

Bug #240804 is not the same issue as this bug firstly.  Secondly in order to
address bug #240804 in a reasonable manner this bug #240811 and bug #240810
need to be addressed first and strictly speaking are not the cause of bug
$240804.  Even if both bug #240810 and bug #240811 had unique names for the
XFCE Setting Autostart GUI and the file manager views would not prevent bug
#240804 from occurring.  This issue is strictly about a user not knowing what
screensaver is enabled and/or if there are duplicate entries for the exact same
screensaver in the XFCE4 Settings Autostart GUI and file manager views.  This
bug is not about nor is same as bug #240804.  Hence a this bug was created not
because I like writing bug reports, but because it is a different issue that
means it needs a different bug report.

Before bug #240804 can be addressed this bug and bug #240810 need to be
addressed first.  This is so the different applications of same type have some
manner of allowing XFCE project of knowing so and in what manner XFCE will
identify such same/similar applications that will allow XFCE to decide how to
address the issue of bug #240804.

This also means the proposed patch I submitted
<> was just that, a
proposed patch aware and noting there are other translations besides English
that need to be addressed by XFCE.  The proposed patch also was proposed
knowing the proposed wording changes in the proposed patch may be different due
to how XFCE decides.  That means the proposed patch was just that proposed
patch knowing that the finial decision would be per the upstream XFCE project. 
 This is why I made it clear this was a proposed patch and that the proposed
patch clearly needed other translations to be effected to be a finial fix patch
knowing that the upstream project is responsible for a complete patch of the
xfce4-screensaver.desktop file.

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