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(In reply to Guido Falsi from comment #8)
It was a very unexpected long day as result of multiple FreeBSD bugs.  I still
have few to open unrelated to this issue.  I was not up again until late today
and have a number of eMail I needed to do and updates related bug #240801 and
bug # 240811.  I was so tired I really made a mess of what was to be two simple
updates to bug #240810.

Before I was to bed I made the changes to the XFCE .desktop files for autostart
as per bug #240810 and but #240810.  The tests are time consuming as there are
reboots and waiting time for the screensaver to activate.

I then enabled xscreensaver and disabled xfce4-screensaver.  xscreensaver as I 
have been used to since installing FreeBSD mid July 2019 as had been since the
FreeBSD install.

Then I flipped to enabling xfce4-screensaver and disabling xscreensaver. 
xfce4-screensaver worked which means it accepted keyboard input.

I went to sleep, way too tired to do anything else.

A short time ago I was able to clear/save what I was working on at time to do
the next test of both xscreensaver and xfce4-screensaver active at same time. 
The bug issue as reported and first experienced after the FreeBSD pkg upgrade

I changed the XFCE4 startup to enabled for xfce4-screensaver and disabled for
xscreensaver on purpose rahter than xscreensaver I have used for years on
purpose.  Something odd I think is occurring with xfce4-screensaver, but I am
not sure so it will take a few days on using xfce4-screensaver before I know it
this odd behaviour I think occurred occurs again.  If the od behaviour occurs
again it will be a new bug report as it will be a very different issue.

When xscreensaver and xfce-screensaver are enabled xfce4-screensaver takes
presendance in displaying ove xscreensaver on system when some mouse or
keyboard action wakes up the screensaver.  As you suspected (an made sense to
me) with xscreensaver and xfce4-screensaver enabled is preventing keyboard
input reaching xfce4-screensaver and appears does not reach the hidden from
display xscreensaver that xfce4-screensaver os layered overtop on system.

The question now is how should xfce handle two or more different screensavers
on the system?  In my opinion there are different pros and cons for any of the
possible solutions.  One aspect to take into consideration is xscreensaver
works on multiple DEs where as xfce4-screensaver likely only works with XFCE4. 
For those that have multiple DEs they can and do use it would seem likely, but
not a sure thing, that xscreensaver should take precedence as the screensaver
enabled for the DE, ergo precedence for XFCE4.  This is just one thought of a
few approaches that I think merits some discussion to see what seems the best
approach to take.  I suspect this may be difficult discussion in that I can see
many approaches that may makes sense as well.  I suggested the rational for
xscreensaver based on xscreensaver most likely works in most, if not all DEs. 
That said discussion should occur to see what other thoughts are and the
pros/cons of those before deciding what approach will be taken.

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