--- Comment #12 from Guido Falsi <> ---
(In reply to John from comment #10)

Please don't rush things.

You created 3 bug reports for the same issue, one referencing a port which is
only marginally related to the issue (xscreensaver), since it's not installing
any file causing it. This is strictly an XFCE problem.

Please let's keep the conversation in one place only. This is one bug. with two
strictly related problems.

- xfce installs two .desktop files (one via xfce4-session port and one via the
xfce4-screensaver port) which launch screensaver applications and, if both are
installed, both are lunched simultaneously. This setup cannot work

- to make things worse, the GUI to choose which one is enabled ends up with the
same description for both of them.

I already filed a bug report upstream with xfce4-screensaver [1] asking to
change the name in the desktop file. That's enough. I think that your changes
are too invasive and would not be accepted upstream. Also you patch is touching
the wrong file. Anyway if you want to push to upstream for your changes, I'd
suggest you followup to my bug report there with a correct patch relative to
their sources.

My plan is to change the description with a little brutal (in relation to the
translations [2]) patch to the xfce4-screensaver .desktop file, so as to get
different descriptions, and make xfce4-session install the xscreensaver
.desktop file disabled, and add a note in UPDATING.

This logic is due to the fact that the xfce metaport installs xfce4-screensaver
by default, so having the default xscreensaver.desktop file enabled by default
would cause the issue to appear for everybody.

I need some time to test all this and I'll also be away for a few days, so I
don't think I'll be able to commit a fix before monday.

The other option is to revert the xfce metaport to depending on xscreensaver as
before and let people manually install xfce4-screensaver if they want to. But
since xfce now has it's own screensaver component this does not look optimal.

Somewhere in your messages you ask me not to disable xscreensaver by
default...why? Having BOTH enabled cannot work.

[1], referenced in bug #240811

[2] we can't only patch the English version and wait for xfce to translate it,
this would require a lot of time, and in the while translated versions would
get the same text anyway. Also any proposed name/description change we send to
xfce for inclusion needs to be accepted there, which we can't force

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