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(In reply to Vladimir Omelchuk from comment #2)

First of all please keep calm and don't attack people who are working for free
passing judgements on their work.

I made this update alone, I made two calls for testers and none showed up, so I
had to perform all the testing alone. This work is all done for free, it is
volunteer work.

I did not encounter the issues you describe in months of updating and testing
with beta versions of xfce4, and there is no way I could foresee them. Other
issues that came up look like upstream bugs present also on other OSes.

Especially the two issues you are encountering I have not heard of before and
they're not easy to diagnose.

To help you I at least need to see the content of your xorg.conf file. I'd also
suggest you try moving it away and test running without an xorg.conf. Modern
X11 usually does not need one. Is there a specific reason why you need a custom

Regarding monitor detection, if xfwm4 crashes on startup how could it be
detected? How did you test for it? IO don't know the details about the content
of the file you talk about. That if a binary file on my system I don't know how
to read.

To have the second monitor detected you need to have the xfce desktop running
successfully and then run the display configuration wizard.

I understand XFCE 4.12 worked fine, but updates have a risk for regressions, as
I said there are some bugs that came up which are bugs introduced by xfce 4.14
upstream. I only PORTED the software, I'm not developing it, if a bug exists in
upstream sources it will be also present in the port. I can report it and ask
the developers from help and import fixes when available.

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