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> [per - Tue Aug 29 06:48:07 2006]:
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> We "norse" people do not go around asking other people to call us
> "norse"
> rather than "viking". In the Scandinavian languages I do not think
> there
> even is an equivalent for "norse", except of course for "norsk" which
> means "Norwegian". In our own historical literature the word "viking"
> is
> commonly used.
> So it is a bad analogy.
>    - Per

IIRC the word "viking" was indeed used to describe pre-Christian
Scandinavians back when we read about history in (Swedish) elementary

In higher education the terms "nordman" (noun) and "nordisk" (adjective)
were more common. The corresponding terms referring to the people of
Norway are "norrman" and "norsk". Does the distinction not exist in the
Norwegian language?


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