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> [s1kevin - Wed Dec 20 23:53:39 2006]:
> > Building a fighter and bomber to reproduce...
> > 
> > BTW - the client and versions are 2.1.0b2 (Win32 GTK) and the host OS is
> > Windows XP Pro on a Compaq Presario v2405 w/ 1GB of RAM.
> Unable to reproduce with Figher / Bomber as well, though both show the
> same behavior as the helicopter - it won't let me move these units to
> tiles except cities, and even those - only those in range.
> Continuing to Stealth units

I learned that there are conditions that I don't understand that
determine when FC crashes and when it doesn't, however, it seems to be
related to "overseas travel" when the "G" key is pressed.  I've now seen
cases where FC crashes and where FC doesn't crash with aircraft.  I have
not seen a crash with paratroopers, and while I didn't see a crash with
bombers or fighters (as above), I suspect that with adequate testing, a
crash can occur with any of the air units when pressing the "G" key
given certain circumstances.

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