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Kevin Benton wrote:
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>> [s1kevin - Wed Dec 20 23:53:39 2006]:
>>> Building a fighter and bomber to reproduce...
>>> BTW - the client and versions are 2.1.0b2 (Win32 GTK) and the host OS is
>>> Windows XP Pro on a Compaq Presario v2405 w/ 1GB of RAM.
>> Unable to reproduce with Figher / Bomber as well, though both show the
>> same behavior as the helicopter - it won't let me move these units to
>> tiles except cities, and even those - only those in range.
>> Continuing to Stealth units
> I learned that there are conditions that I don't understand that
> determine when FC crashes and when it doesn't, however, it seems to be
> related to "overseas travel" when the "G" key is pressed.  I've now seen
> cases where FC crashes and where FC doesn't crash with aircraft.  I have
> not seen a crash with paratroopers, and while I didn't see a crash with
> bombers or fighters (as above), I suspect that with adequate testing, a
> crash can occur with any of the air units when pressing the "G" key
> given certain circumstances.
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Can someone with appropriate permissions please change the subject on 
this bug to 2.1.0b2 Mouse goto with Air units causes client crash ?

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