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On 1/8/07, Jason Dorje Short <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> Using SVG for graphics has some significant advantages as well as
> disadvantages.  Obviously SVG graphics can be scaled better, and it's
> potentially easier to do incremental editing or fiddle with colors to
> improve the graphics and make them consistent and matching.  However
> most SVG graphics, being rendered from 2d vectors, have a cartoony look
> - the main reason why the main tileset only uses them for icons.
> Someone creating an SVG tileset needs to keep this in mind.  Trying to
> make graphics too realistic is probably not a good idea.  Rather, you
> should take advantage of the cartoony nature (not sure if that's really
> the right thing to call it) of the images.  Focus on getting colors to
> match and making cities and units easily recognizable and differentiable.
> That's just my advice.
> -jason

That is IMHO a pretty good description of what r-hires! looks like ATM.

About a year ago, Rodrigo published a set of test tilesets rendered
from his SVG sources. They're now available from freeciv.org:


They're all for the 2.0 branch and have some rough edges, but are
fully playable.


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