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Found this patch on the forums and couldn't see that it was in RT yet.


Written by 'TTK Ciar' for Freeciv 2.0.1


"This is a patch I originally made for 1.14.0, and last night ported
to 2.0.1. It should just work under 2.0.2. It defines barbarian levels
beyond 4, up to 6. Levels 5 and 6 make barbarians much much harder!
Rather than just increasing the frequency at which barbarians appear
(though it does that too), it also increases the number of barbarians
that appear at any given outbreak. This means that you'll get hit by
about twice as many (level 5) or three times as many (level 6)
barbarians at once, and this concentration of firepower makes a big

Playing with Superbarbarians changes the way the game needs to be
played a lot. Most notably, it somewhat curbs urban sprawl (though not
smallpox), because more sprawl attracts more barbarians, and the
smaller lighter cities are more vulnerable to barbarian attack. To
win, a player must found a few cities (half a dozen seems about
right), fortify/arm the hell out of them, and then expand slowly with
supporting forces guarding the newly founded cities. This growth
pattern favors the development of "heavier" cities.

Enjoy! I know I do
-- TTK"

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