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 By 'Base' I mean buildings outside cities: fortresses and airbases in
current codebase.
 Some of their properties should come from ruleset instead of being
hardcoded. Originally reason I started thinking this was that name
'Airbase' is not sufficient in some rulesets I have - at least name of
the base should be ruleset defined. One solution would be to have
ruleset defined names for all the specials (fortress, airbase,
irrigation, farmland, mine, road, railroad) and leave it at that.
However, I'd like to make bases a special case with more fine grained
control in ruleset. I think bases special case to that extend, that
I'm even ready to leave ruleset defined names for other specials out
for now.

 In first (and possibly only) phase I'm happy with current maximum of
two different bases in the ruleset. Basicly ruleset would define just
name, tech requirement and set of flags for each.

 - ML

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