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> That's because it is a bug...definitely not a feature.  If you can find
> some way to reproduce this (i.e., to reproduce the behavior that
> *creates* the savegame) we can fix it.
> -jason
I think the problem is not the savegame. I tested a few other savegames
once this happened and they all had this problem, while later on this
didn't occur with the same savegames. I think however that it is
possible that a check can be programmed at the end of the loading
process. In the players report all players are listed as AI (list 1)
while it is visible at the commandline that one player (let's say Bob)
was attempted to be taken by the human player in the loading process.
Furthermore if one tries to take player Bob then it is reported that Bob
is already taken (list 2). Obviously list 1 and list 2 do not match.
Effectively this check would very much hide the problem and allow to
collect the conditions under which this occurs. I must agree; it ain't

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