On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
 Seen as global observer: Barbarian boats almost never move. If boat
happens to spawn next to land, it almost never unloads units to land.

 Barbarian leader is in charge of the boat. He wants to go where other
barbarians protect him. All the other barbarians are sitting in the
same boat - in the same tile - he currently is. So the leader is very
happy not to move the boat.

 Fix to that particular bug attached. This alone does not fix the
problem, though. Barbarian boat handling is broken in a number of

Rewritten ai_military_attack_barbarian() for fixing several boat
handling bugs. Now barbarian boats move at least sometimes.
Main remaining issue is that barbarians do not explore. If they don't
already know proper attack target (which is case quite often) they do
absolutely nothing.

I suggest giving barbarian players the EFT_REVEAL_MAP effect so that they can see the entire map.

  - Per

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