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On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>>>>  Seen as global observer: Barbarian boats almost never move. If boat
>>>> happens to spawn next to land, it almost never unloads units to land.
>>>  Barbarian leader is in charge of the boat. He wants to go where other
>>> barbarians protect him. All the other barbarians are sitting in the
>>> same boat - in the same tile - he currently is. So the leader is very
>>> happy not to move the boat.
>>  Fix to that particular bug attached. This alone does not fix the
>> problem, though. Barbarian boat handling is broken in a number of
>> ways.
> Rewritten ai_military_attack_barbarian() for fixing several boat
> handling bugs. Now barbarian boats move at least sometimes.
> Main remaining issue is that barbarians do not explore. If they don't
> already know proper attack target (which is case quite often) they do
> absolutely nothing.

I suggest giving barbarian players the EFT_REVEAL_MAP effect so that they 
can see the entire map.

   - Per

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