Per I. Mathisen wrote on Feb 02, 07:42 (+0000):
> On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> >We have over 15000 spam tickets in RT now. I take care of almost a
> >hundred a day. This is not sustainable. Something permanent has to be
> >done about it.
> As a stopgap measure, I would suggest changing the bug email address. Then 
> we can set up an auto-responder at [EMAIL PROTECTED] and [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> that hands out the new address.

instead of handing out a new address, the auto responder could tell
people to go to the web interface and file the report there.

On the web interface, people have to log in. If we find out that some
robot does that, too, we could obscure the guest password as a graphic.


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