I have been looking at the goto issues with aircraft, and I think we have been approaching this problem in the totally wrong way. The aircraft model with "fuel" was always just a neat hack, but not a good design. Attempting to solve goto for aircraft, for client, for AI and for automatic return, turned out to be extremely complicated. It is a problem that, I think, screams for redesign rather than a solution.

The whole "dangerous tiles" path finding for triremes and aircraft should be removed. It was just too hard. For triremes it can be done either with deep ocean tiles (how far did we get here?) that are impassable for triremes, or just making a movement rule that they cannot stray from land. For aircraft, we would need to abolish the concept of fuel.

I suggest instead of fuel, we add the rule that all aircraft automatically return to the airfield/city/carrier that the unit visited last at the start of your turn. That is, when you use an aircraft, it stays in the air until your next turn/phase, allowing other players a chance to shoot it down (of course, this is exploitable by attacking in the last second in simultaneous movement mode, but I have given up trying to make that mode fair).

This return is done with teleport and no movement points are required - no need to fuss about counting tiles for return. If you use goto, you can designate a new landing site if it is within (movement points remaining + max movement points) tiles, and the aircraft will land there instead, allowing aircraft to move a maximum of 2xMP each turn. The teleport method is already used for airlift, so it has precedent for air movement.


  - Per

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