Per Inge Mathisen wrote:

> I suggest instead of fuel, we add the rule that all aircraft
> automatically return to the airfield/city/carrier that the unit visited
> last at the start of your turn. That is, when you use an aircraft, it
> stays in the air until your next turn/phase, allowing other players a
> chance to shoot it down (of course, this is exploitable by attacking in
> the last second in simultaneous movement mode, but I have given up
> trying to make that mode fair).

One weird situation is if you fly a bomber out from a carrier to hit a
spot 12 tiles away...then move the carrier in the other direction 9 (or
however many is the maximum) tiles.  Then at the start of the next turn
(it does happen at the start right?) the bomber gets automatically
returned to the carrier even though it's now 20 tiles away.  This would
seem just a bit odd to the player.

A technical problem is that the return point is sometimes a city, a
unit, or just a tile.  And if it is a unit there is limited transporting
capacity and it's possible when the plane tries to return it finds that
the carrier is full.


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