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We can embedd Firefox into the Freeciv to show Wikipedia
page for the nation :D

On 22/02/07, Egor Vyscrebentsov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> On Thu, 22 Feb 2007 Christian Knoke wrote:
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> > I think that leaders who are still alive, but definitely out of
> > business, should be free for inclusion in the rulesets. "Out of
> > business" might be an argueable definition (Gorbachev is, Prodi is not)
> > but I think we can solve it. The reason to exclude active leaders is to
> > avoid too hot political discussions about their importance. There is no
> > need to extend this on still living ex-leaders IMHO.
> Yes, "out of business" it too non-formalistic definition.
> To my mind, Gorbachev still acts in social and political life of Russia
> (For example, his recent letter to Gates)
> > And, FWIW, I think Gorbachev earns a mention in the ruleset.
> A mention - yes. Place in leader list - not now. This is my private
> opinion, of course.
> PS [2Daniel? and others]: Maybe it would be nice to have more long
> nation legends, that will be accessible through in-game help?
> --
> Thanks, evyscr

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