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On 2/25/07, Seth Wilson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Hi FreeCiv guys,
> Thanks so much for your work.  I assume you know this already, but (at least
> on my computer) this version doesn't let you:
> 1) change any options before you start (eg how many players, what
> difficulty, terrain, etc.)
> 2) change which squares your cities work
> There seem to be some other funny things, but those were the main ones.  The
> graphics look great!  I'm excited for how it'll be when things are more put
> together.
> Thanks,
> Seth

Hi Seth,

Thanks for your mail. To be able to address your questions
effectively, you have to tell us which client are you running (GTK2;
SDL; win32; XAW)?

Some general comments:
1) You can always change options through the server command line
interface. Write "set" (or "/set" from the chatline) and then the
desired option. Reference at:
2) It sounds like the citizen governor has been activated for the
city. Try turning it off.


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