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On 14/03/07, Egor Vyscrebentsov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It is possible. Playing with non-ASCII character is a bad idea.
> I'm for having ASCII-only identifier. There are several variants when
> something (gettext or freeciv code) doesn't work properly.
> Server console on Windows with CP1251 could be an example - it does
> not recode text from KOI8-R po. And there are problems with
> non-utf8 locale and utf8 name - recoding of full string is
> broken in this case.
> I will even prefer to work with numeric id of player if there
> is no other way.
> PS. Translated names should be back-translated before sending to
> server (if we work with client). So this seems like a bad idea too.
> --
> Thanks, evyscr

Why not to use Login? Only one thing to be done is to add names for
aifill players.
Then every player will have triple: login, player name and nation.
Login is in Latin
charset so there is no problem.

> list
List of players:
Daniil Ivanov the Great (user divanov, Human, nation Queers, team Team
1) 1 connection:
  divanov from localhost.localdomain (command access level hack), bufsize=55kb

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