> Hello.  I just joined this list, and I did a quick skim thruogh the last
> few months archives.  Please forgive me if I'm bringing up stuff thats
> already been dealth with.
> I've been trying to build freeciv under windows using MinGW/MSys for the
> past week or so.  I had success doing this a couple years ago, but I
> hadn't played with it since.  I ran into problems when it tried to link
> civserver.exe.  If I ran autogen.sh normally,  and then make I got this
> at the link step for civserver:

The win32 client IS basically unmaintained.  However your problem is in
the bootstrap, nothing to do with client issues.

What are you passing to freeciv on the configure (or autogen) line?  It
sounds like you are using --with-included-gettext.  Do not do this.
(The "included" gettext should be scrapped but it is very tedious to
figure out what can safely be gotten rid of and what can't.)


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