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On 3/26/07, Christopher Spiewak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> I just tried re-downloading it and it works now. Although when I want
> full screen I had to cheek the full screen, and then hit the 1280 by
> 800. Is it posible to make it so that when you turn on full screen that
> it auto fills to an ok resolution and then you can choose what
> resolution you want?
> Christopher

I agree that the current UI solution is unintuitive. When you learn
it, however, it's convenient. I would personally be annoyed if the SDL
client autodefaulted to some random resolution. So I thought, by
putting a small helptext between the checkbox and the resolution
buttons, could we keep it the way it is. The helptext could say
something like "For fullscreen mode, first select this checkbox, then
click on a resolution button below."

Alternatively, how about having two columns of resolution buttons; one
for windowed and one for fullscreen resolutions?


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