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> [jdorje - Fri Feb 04 00:14:50 2005]:
> Here's a version that actually works.
> -jason

jdorje - I have been trying to figure out how to see trade routes since
this patch, but have not been able to see it since 2.1b2 (possibly
2.1b1).  12104 removes trade route displays from the city screen.  Where
does this tool tip appear?  I just don't see it and I've had to revert
to using index cards to track my trade routes.  Please note that I'm
using 2.1.0b3 gtk+ (win32) and it's on my laptop with my resolution set
to 1200x768, so I can't even see the bottom of the message window with
the map size up at 29.  If you're saying they appear in the status area
below the message window, I flat-out can't see that part of the display
with the default tile set.

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